Tazi Canyon: Hidden Wonder of Antalya

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Hidden Gem of Antalya: Tazi Canyon

Antalya is a busy seaside town with countless ancient Greek & Roman cities, paradisiacal beaches, picturesque mountains and world class resorts. Many know about the main spots of this flourishing city but nobody really knows about the hidden gems of the region. In this post you will be introduced one of the most picturesque and marvelous spots of Turkey: TAZI CANYON!

About Tazi Canyon

Tazı Canyon is a breath-taking natural wonder that is located within the borders of Köprülü Canyon Natural Park. It stands only 10 kilometres away from the rafting center of Köprülü Canyon Natural Park. The canyon has recently become popular after the smartphone company Huawei promoted it in a commercial. Some locals told us that this canyon hosted very little amount of tourists before the Huawei commercial, most of them being foreigners. However now, with its 300-meter-long walls, Tazı Canyon hosts hundreds of visitors each day.

Walls of the Canyon reach up to 400 meters! Let alone Antalya, one of the most steep ones in Turkey!

Getting There

Road from Köprülü Canyon Rafting area is pretty fine. However after the first bifurcation, road leading to Gaziler village is asphalted but pretty narrow. Upon reaching Gaziler Village which is a kilometer away from Tazı Canyon, you are adviced to park your car at the parking lot unless you have an off-road vehicle. Parking is free of charge but locals might ask a small amount like 5 liras which is less than a Euro. From that point, you can either go the rest of the road by foot or rent a quad bike for 50 liras (less than 10£ for round trip). Ayesha and I went the rest by off-road quad bike which was super fun.

Ayesha and I riding quad bike in the forest

Exploring Tazi Canyon

Flora and fauna are pretty rich in this heavenly area. Bear, bobcat, caracal, wild boar, deer, fox, wolf, badger, rabbit, lynx, snake, rock eagle and vulture are some of the predators and animals living in this area. During our visit, Ayesha and I saw a couple of eagles and a huge vulture near the cliff. The forest on the sides of Canyon is so dense and flourishing that it offers such a picturesque view. I have been to countless places in Turkey, however I haven’t witnessed such a natural wonder!

Many visitors only come to Köprülü Canyon Natural Park for rafting and to chill alongside the stream, unfortunately nobody really visits Tazı Canyon. I strongly recommended you to stop by this marvelous wonder upon visiting this area! Within a year, Tazı Canyon has become one of the top attractions of Antalya.


Since Tazı Canyon has recently become a popular spot for visitors, there are no signboards or warnings about the perils you might face. The most instagrammy spots are the big boulders bordering the 300-meter steep cliff so you are advised to be really careful. Moreover, the big boulders people step on for more likes on Instagram are quite slippery due to small weeds growing on them, so please be cautious!

An additional advise would be about the road after Gaziler village, if you come here by an automobile leave your car when the asphalt ends and walk 15-20 minutes to the Canyon for the rest of the dirt road would be so challenging for your car.

Where exactly Tazi Canyon is located?

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