Where to find the tastiest Mango in Uppsala, Sweden?

If you are looking for tasty mangos in Uppsala, Central Gross Uppsala shop is the place you should go.

It’s been 2 months since I have moved to Uppsala, Sweden. As some of you might have experienced, once you move to a new country, it can get tedious to find some of the products you consume on a regular basis.

As a huge mango addict, I have tried mangos from many grocery shops which was quite disappointing. The mangos you’ll find in big chains like ICA, Hemköp, Coop and Willy’s are generally not ripe and they don’t taste good.

After doing some proper research, I found a shop named Central Gross Uppsala. They have amazing quality Pakistani and Desi Mangos which are sold for 77 SEK (Swedish kronas) per kilo. Keep in mind that a kilo of mangos consists of 4-5 pieces.

You can simply stop by the shop or check out their Facebook page to make sure if they have mangos or any other ingredients you are looking for. Due to high demand, sometimes they might run out of stock.

With that being said, enjoy the mangos!

Where is Central Gross Uppsala?

Central Gross Uppsala is located right next to the Hot India Restaurant.

Argun Konuk
Argun Konuk

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