Octo Restaurant: Portuguese Seafood And A Marvelous Rooftop In Istanbul

This week, Ayesha and I had perhaps the most exotic and sophisticated seafood experience we’ve ever had in Turkey. To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we booked a table at Octo Restaurant, which opened recently in January 2020 on the rooftop of JW Marriot Istanbul Bosphorus.

Istanbul is the heart of Turkey and one of the most bustling metropolitans in the world. Moreover, it is a giant foodhub where one can explore perfect samples from the local cusine and spoil themselves with world-class fine dining experiences.

Octo Restaurant, on its way to become one of the top restaurants in Istanbul, is in the Karaköy district of the European side of the city.

The restaurant’s executive chef, Jorge Lavos Costa, is from Portugal and he gives Portuguese style seafood his own personal touch which results in quite a unique blend of flavors. Moreover, in Octo Restaurant you can also taste different varities of Turkish mezzes and starters that would add a local vibe to your dining experience.

Let’s dive into what Octo Restaurant beholds!


Octo Restaurant requires reservation, so make sure you reserve your table at least a day before. As I was told on the phone by the lady who took my reservation, weekdays tend to be less crowded, so even if the customers come without a reservation, they might still find a table. However, don’t expect the same on the weekends.

On the other hand, if you prefer to sit near the glass wall which offers one of the best Bosphorus views around, it is advisable that you book a table in advance.

Octo Restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. Lunch is served between 12:00-15:00 (12 pm-3 pm), dinner is served between 18:00-01:00 (6 pm-1 am).

Contact info for reservations: +90 212 806 40 40

Bosphorus View

The view Octo Restaurant offers is simply breathtaking, with the historical peninsula stretching on one side and the Anatolian soil on the other. Being situated on the 9th floor, the rooftop displays a picturesque view of Istanbul under your feet.

The view of the Topkapı Palace and the historical peninsula from our table

The Food

The food we had at Octo Restaurant blew our minds! We preferred to try the varieties from the Portuguese cuisine. To keep with the Meditteranian vibes, we also ordered a glass of red sangria each.

We were offered complimentary bread and dip which I found to be very creative and have a pleasently unsual taste. It was a cheese paste, whipped with cream and topped with chili pepper jam and pistachio crumbs. Alongside it, we were served toasted fresh whole-grain bread which was very tasty.

Our mezzes included Marinated Sea Bass, Fried Calamari, Mixed Greens Salad, Peixinhos da Horta (Fried green beans and lemon), and Pastéis de Bacalhau (Portuguese codfish fritters). I have tried out several cafes and restaurants in the Karaköy District and I can confidently say that Octo Restaurant goes above and beyond to leave you with a highly elevated food experience.

And the Sangrias! They took our satisfaction to another level. The Sangrias served in Octo stood out, with a touch of Chambord (French Raspberry Liquor), Cointreau, Raspberry Puree, Cinnamon, Star Anise, and Bitter Orange Essence. The enthuiastic bartender came to our table for quality assurance and was very pleased to hear our positive feedback. Customer satisfaction and sustainable high quality standarts seem to be the prime concerns of the restaurant, which seem to have decreased in many places in Istanbul due to the abundance of fine dining restaurants.

When it came to prices, Octo Restaurant was way more reasonable in comparison with other alterntives. The most recent menu is shared below, which can give you a pretty good idea of what you will be paying once you go there.

An important note: I would like to add that Octo Restaurant adds %10 percent service to your bill. I believe they deserve every dime of it considering the high quality service they offer.

The delicious food we ordered
The starter which is served with fresh and warm whole-grain bread.

Food Menu

If the menu is not displayed properly you can access the link to the menu by clicking the button below.

Beverage Menu

If the menu is not displayed properly you can access the link to the menu by clicking the button below.

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