Mandabatmaz: The Best Turkish Coffee in Turkey!

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Mandabatmaz was founded in 1967 as a 10M² coffee shop. It has been serving as the most iconic and prominent coffee shop in Istanbul ever since. Ask anyone in the street where to have the best Turkish coffee, they will tell you to go to Mandabatmaz.

Since 1967, Mandabatmaz is where the bitter smell of coffee grains spreads to Istiklal street, the most bustling pedestrian street in Istanbul. The name Mandabatmaz literally means “the buffalo that does not sink”. The logic behind it is quite simple: the foam of the coffee is so thick that even a buffalo would not sink in it. What makes this small coffee shop unique is the way they prepare their Turkish coffee. Adhering to traditional methods, Mandabatmaz uses brass pots to prepare coffee and brews coffee grounds at 86C precisely.

This shop is a hole in the wall, however the atmosphere is astounding. A couple of stools and tables put alongside the wall, Mandabatmaz still reveres the old Ottoman style coffee shop layout.

Here is a quick guide on ordering Turkish coffee: Az şekerli (with a little sugar), orta (medium sugar), şekerli (with sugar)

A bunch of essential tips on coffee brewing by Mandabatmaz

  • Boiling the coffee too much will spoil the taste. Removing the coffee off the heat right before it reaches the boiling point (86 degrees is ideal) is the optimal way.
  • Brewing the coffee in low fire for too long will spoil the taste. In that case, the boiling water absorbs the bitter taste too much.
  • The thickness to which the coffee is grinded is essential. Seeds grinded too thick or thin might not give the best result.
  • In order to see whether your coffee is freshly ground, put a teaspoon of coffee in a cup of water. After 5 minutes, if the coffee floats on the surface, it shows that the coffee is fresh and authentic. If the coffee sinks in the water, it means that the coffee is not fresh.

Work Hours

Everyday: 9am – 11 am

Argun Konuk
Argun Konuk

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