Karapapakh Azerbaijani Cemetery in Rural Kars, East Turkey

An old Karapapakh Azerbaijani cemetery that I ran into as I was exploring the rural villages in Kars Province of Eastern Turkey.

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  • Taşköprü Karapapakh Azerbaijani Cemetery
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A quick trivia: Karapapakhs (also known as the Terekeme people) are a group of Azerbaijani Turks.

Taşköprü Karapapakh Azerbaijani Cemetery

During my road trip to Eastern Turkey, I drove hundreds of kilometers and explored many off-the-beaten path historic sites. On my second day in Kars, I decided to drive towards Lake Çıldır, which is to the north of the city.

Just a few hundred meters before the Taşköprü Village, I saw an old cemetery on the side of the road. I pulled over to take a look in hope of finding some old traces and I did! First, I saw the white marble tombstones that are ubiquitous in any other cemetery in Turkey. However, as I got closer I spotted the a few very old Karapapakh headstones.

View of Taşköprü Village from the cemetery

Sadly, the cemetery is not in a great condition. The recent tombs are relatively in better shape than the old ones that are now overgrown by vegetation.

There is absolutely no one around since this is a very isolated suburb of Kars. I took my time and explored the cemetery. These historic sites are always very interesting to visit.

Moreover, if you want to get more information about the cemetery, you can talk to the residents of Taşköprü Village, who are ethnic Karapapakhs. If you don’t speak Turkish or have anyone who speaks Turkish with you, there will certainly be a language barrier. But you can use apps like Google Translate. Folks who live in the region are very hospitable and friendly. Surely, they would do their best to help you.

Although this might not need mentioning, I would advice you to be aware of snakes since the cemetery has thick vegetation.

Where is the cemetery?

The cemetery is not on Google Maps. As I have mentioned above, I luckily ran into it as I was driving around the region.

If the map widget doesn’t work on your device, click here to see the location of the Taşköprü Karapapakh Azerbaijani cemetery.

Coordinates of the cemetery: 40°57’02.9″N 43°15’35.2″E

Make sure you also visit…

Remember that rural Kars is full of historic sites. The city center is already a major tourist attraction, but most visitors don’t really explore the outskirts of the city. Outside the city, you will find many cemeteries, mosques, churches, natural wonders, remote villages and friendly locals. Kars is really an amazing city. Make sure you explore it as much as you can!

If you have time, I would strongly suggest that you rent a car or get a tour to hit off the beaten path in Kars.

If you happen to visit this cemetery, make sure you also pay a visit to Gülyüzü Village, which is another historic settlement that is located only a few kilometers from Taşköprü Village. There in Gülyüzü, you can visit the ruins of an 11th-century church.


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