Creepy Museum With Deformed Babies In Iran

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Natural History Museum of Isfahan, Iran

Back in 2017, I visited the Natural History Museum of Isfahan in Iran. At first it seems like an avarage natural history museum, however it is quite far from being normal. Frankly, it was one of the creepiest places I have ever been to. Chiefly, the museum consist of different exhibitions about the flora and fauna of Iran where you can see various findings, fossils and mounted animals. However, one hall of the museum contained quite irrelevant content: bodies of deformed fetuses and babies born with bizarre deformalities.

My friend and I were super creeped out by the weird exhibition for the cadavers of babies were exhibited like canned food. Some of them were put inside the type vessels which people use to make pickles. Scroll down to check out this creepy museum with deformed babies!

Bodies of babies who were born with deformalities /
There are some newspaper articles about the babies born with bizarre deformalities in the surrounding regions
The information was all in Persian so I could not understand a single thing
On the caps of the vessels it is written “Twist-Off Cap”
And finally the funny dinasour statue in front of the museum! Hope you found it interesting!

Where Is This Creepy Museum With Deformed Babies?

Argun Konuk
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