Exploring an Iron Age Cemetery in Rural Sweden

As I was hiking in the rural farmlands of Sweden’s 4th largest city, Uppsala, I ran into an old Iron Age cemetery just near the dense woods

What’s in the article?

  • What’s in rural Sweden?
  • The Unnamed Cemetery
  • Beautiful Nature and Wild Horses
  • Where is the cemetery?

What’s in rural Sweden?

When it comes to tourism in Sweden, Uppsala might not be among the top most exciting destinations. If you are a fan of ancient ruins like me, you’ll have only a handful of places to see in Sweden compared to countries like Turkey, Italy and Greece.

One summer day, I took a hike to the suburbs of Uppsala. I first visited King Björn’s Mound (Håga mound), which is a Nordic Bronze Age tumulus. Afterwards, I stopped by the ruins of an unnamed stone structure. As the final destination of the day, I headed towards the small stone bridge of Läbybron, a small memorial bridge that was built in memory of the 16th-century Swedish King, Gustav Wasa.

However, as I was leaving the bridge, I saw that just a few meters farther, there are some erect slabs which seemed too perfectly placed to be of natural origin.

The Unnamed Cemetery

The cemetery doesn’t have a name and in fact, it is not even marked on Google Maps. However, there is a small signboard in English which says:

Cemetery from Iron Age (500 BC – 1050 AD): The Iron Age graves generally consist of round-stone settings. During the Early Iron Age, the graves were built low and well-built with different central and border constructions, the graves were more vaulted but as a rule more simply constructed during the Late Iron Age. The dead were usually burnt on a funeral pyre. Together with the burned bones, earthenware jars and private belongings like jewelry and tools often are found in archeological investigations.”

View of the Iron Age Cemetery

In addition to the Iron Age tombstones, at the cemetery you’ll find a long rune stone remaining from the Viking era.

Beautiful Nature and Wild Horses

Aside from its interesting past, the cemetery area has very beautiful nature surrounding it. When I was exploring around, there was no one. Also it was delightful to see a group of wild horses coming out of the woods and strolling around.

A wild horse coming out of the woods nearby
View of the cemetery
View of the cemetery

Where is the cemetery?

This unnamed Iron Age cemetery is located a few kilometers outside downtown Uppsala. If the map widget below doesn’t display on your device, click here to view the location of the cemetery.


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