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While I was driving along the green hills of the Trabzon, I spotted a dilapidated structure on the side of the mountain road. I pulled over and decided to take a look.

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Abandoned Primary School

As I was leaving the Maçka district, suburbs of Trabzon Province, I spotted a very old structure on the way. I parked my car and decided to check it out quickly.

The signboard at the gate showed me that this was an old primary school. Upon going inside, I was shocked to many of the things had been left out in the open.

The room that stands across the entrance is the classrooom. Here, I saw many educational tools, gadgets and other artefcats left in decay. There also a small Atatürk corner, which can be found in every school in Turkey. It is a small memorial board, displaying Atatürk’s portraits and important scenes from his life.

The room that stands on the left side of the entrance is the princpal’s office as the Turkish text “Müdür” suggests. There you can find many text books, binders, photos of the students scattered around. You can also check out the old documents and administrative documents on the shelves.

The most recently dated document I could find in the principal’s room was from 2003. Therefore, I assume that this primary school was deserted at least 18 years ago.

The back side of the school has another entrance which leads to the bathroom, kitchen and two other small classrooms. Also the small shack abutting the school has toilet cabins in it. However, at that are, vegetation gets thicker. Be careful in case there are garden snakes.

Don’t let this scare you off but I find it useful to advise you not to visit this place at night. Black Sea has wild nature and it is common to hear people having bear encounters.

I highly recommend you to stop by this place I you happen to visit Trabzon. This school was one of the most interesting abandoned places in Turkey that I have seen.

Where is the school?

In front of the school, there is a stone ground where you can park your car comfortably.

Argun Konuk
Argun Konuk

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